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Tistow is a webcomic inspired by Victorian London and surrounding areas. It tells the story of its namesake city and its residents, focusing on the working class, destitute and criminals.


Tistow follows the story of Jack, a young lad from the far and tribal north, as he attempts to integrate into the vast and intimidating industrial city of Tistow. With Tistow rapidly heading to war, Jack finds himself alone and exposed to the city's dark underworld, led by the enigmatic gang leader known only as Loksley.

But Jack has a secret; blessed by the spirit-like Primals he has the ability to assume animal forms, a power that could easily be abused should that knowledge fall into unscrupulous hands. Unsure who to trust and with friends in short supply, Jack must learn quickly to keep his head above the treacherous waters of the River Effra.


Hello! My name is Elli. I’m an illustrator originally from Finland, living in the United Kingdom since 2009.

I work for a lot of different people on art in general but mostly comics, one called Odie (written by Aaron Sullivan) and After The Gold Rush (written by Miles Greb).


I'm a huge fan of all things Victorian and Georgian. My favourite writers include Terry Pratchett, Henry Mayhew and Charles Dickens. Out of my favourite artists, Paul Kidby, Gustave Doré and the Himekawa team have influenced my works the most. I enjoy games of all sorts, my favourites being the Zelda series, Fallout and World of Warcraft where I have consumed an awful lot of my time.

I also keep a mischief of rats, all named after disreputable characters from Twist and Discworld.