May 18 2018 | Guest art - heleasher moss

Hello y'all! Time to start our guest art rounds. <3 We got so much art that we can update at least 3 pieces per week! So I've picked the update days to be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The first one is of Jack as a wolverine along with its Primal, by the wonderful Heleasher Moss! <3 You can find more of their art here:

DeviantArt - Tumblr - Patreon - Commissions - Twitter

I've decided to trial updating on Mondays instead of Fridays from now on when it comes to Chapter 2. So we're going to begin the chapter on the 11th of June (I had originally planned to start on the 8th, but we go so many lovely guest pieces I decided to delay it a little). If any more get sent in before the 11th, I'll try to find a spot for them!

We've swapped host providers this week and while there shouldn't be any issues with that, do let me know if you notice anything odd. The site now suppots SSL which is great!

You might've noticed Small Trolls being down though. It's because I've not yet managed to sort out a subdomain for it. The reason for this is that our Kickstarter books finally arrived and I've been working on sending them out! I'm so glad to finally be at this stage. <3

I've got a few leftover books from the batch, so if you missed out on the campaign, you can buy one from my Etsy Shop!

Find the last page of the chapter either through the Archive or this link.