June 05 2018 | Guest art - nickel kyllacuren

Happy Tuesday this time! Today's guest art is by the super supportive Nickel Kyllacuren! Morrie and a little ratty pal~ You can find more of their art below:

Twitter - DeviantArt

We've got a little bit further with our Patreon goal to bring Small Trolls back, but there's still some way to go!

I noticed some broken links on the website and it's going to be a bit challenging to redirect everything with the new setup, but I'm going to try my best. We sorted a lot of issues with the site though over the weekend and yesterday. So it's getting there!

Reminder that the next chapter starts on the 11th! You'll be getting a page and a cover to go with it on the same day. <3

Find the last page of the chapter either through the Archive or this link.